Worldwide Travel Expertise

Our Agency

River Oaks Travel is a luxury travel concierge consultancy. We help leisure and corporate travelers to find and achieve their travel visions by making the complicated simple and achievable.

No project is too difficult for us – from the simple to the most complex. We match vision to reality by providing our clients with expertise, information, and tools to produce authentic experiences and remarkable journeys.

Our values

  • We have passion for discovery, adventure, and vision through travel
  • We generate excitement on a daily basis and deliver the best for our clients because we care about being the best and doing our best
  • We show our clients the highest level of respect by doing what we say we will do
  • We are honest, and maintain fairness and ethical behavior in all our interactions

Our founders

Cristina Buaas

Dasha Westerfield

Uniting talent and deep experience, both Cristina Buaas and Dasha Westerfield are dynamic, experienced and innovative travel professionals, merging their separate diverse backgrounds together to bring to the fore the best in travel experience and execution. Among her many talents, Cristina brings a financial and management background to the mix; whereas Dasha’s background brings a refined logistical acumen for every type of itinerary execution. Together, they combine their many skills to bring about a comprehensive travel solution for their clients. Spending most of her years in Houston, Cristina has forged lifelong relationships that have resulted in a foundation of deep connections and roots in the Houston community that expand to global proportions. Dasha, originally from Moscow, Russia, utilizes her international underpinnings to great success in her adopted city, bringing a perspective and awareness of the broader side of travel. Unified, Cristina, Dasha, and their team of professionals look forward to making your experience with River Oaks Travel an extraordinary one – every time.

Our Story

The genesis of River Oaks Travel began and grew through the maturation of a mutual admiration. As Dasha and Cristina separately built their own luxury concierge travel agencies, they began to see each other more and more frequently at industry meetings, consortium events, and in international travel event settings. There, they began to see and experience a commonalty of purpose, and over time earned admiration and mutual respect by observing each other’s innovative, dedicated, and comprehensive drive for their own agency’s growth and success.

Becoming friends while at the same time “friendly” competition, they began to realize and discover that their greatest potential could be realized by working together. In October of 2017, the discussion of an actual combination was begun, and over the next several months it became apparent that the combination would bear fruit, and that together they could be more successful than apart. The seeds of River Oaks Travel were planted exactly a year later, with the goal of becoming Houston’s premier and finest luxury concierge travel agency. Stay tuned as we continue the legacy of humble, devoted beginnings that will propel River Oaks Travel into the future of leisure travel – always with an eye and ear for excellence and invention.