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The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head for the past year, but with the rollout of vaccines we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! As a travel agency, we’ve been using our personal expertise, connections, and worldwide relationship to begin painting a picture of what we think the future of travel holds. However, we’d like to know what YOU think travel will look like and if you will be ready to travel over the coming weeks and months!

The details you share on our survey will help our travel agency better understand the mindset travelers will have moving forward from COVID-19. Plus, we’ll be sharing the anonymized results on our blog and social media once we close our survey!

Plus, register interest for our virtual event!

We’re excited to be hosting a virtual travel event and would love for you to attend! Register your interest at the end of our travel survey and let us know which hotels, tour companies, and cruise lines you would be interested in “e-meeting”. While we hope to hold more events in person later in the year, we hope you’ll join us virtually for a fun and informational event as we all get ready to travel in 2021!

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