The Results are In!

Our newest travel survey results are in! We’re thankful for all of our River Oaks Travelers who took the time to complete our recent post-COVID-19 travel survey. We were overwhelmed with support and enjoyed seeing your current thoughts on travel! See below for graphs of our findings – you may be surprised to see what other travelers had to say!

Travel survey results

When will you feel comfortable taking your next trip?

We know that everyone’s comfort levels vary when it comes to travel, even during normal non-pandemic times! We knew that many of our clients had already traveled (we helped after all) but were excited to see how many of you are interested in travel post-vaccination. As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more readily available, we hope that means many more trips will be planned soon! Because we all need a vacation after 2020, right?

When are you likely to travel again?

Part of our role as travel advisors is to help manage expectations about availability, and based on the above graph (and recent trip research), we anticipate many destinations will start booking up soon. 65% percent of respondents said that they’ve either traveled already or intend to travel by the end of the summer, with only 4% planning to wait until 2022. So if you’re planning to take your own trips over the summer, we recommend that you start the planning now!

When it comes time to travel again, what style of travel will appeal to you?

After a year of sticking close to home, many of you are ready to venture further abroad for your next trip! When it comes to future vacations, we as travel advisors want to make sure that we are continuing to plan the safest travels possible for you. So we were excited to see that the overwhelming majority of you showed interest in customized private itineraries, which allows us the most flexibility in creating safe experiences that still maximize your time in a destination (think private guides, transportation, touring, and more).

Would you be willing to travel if a negative COVID test is required to enter?

With most international destinations requiring a negative COVID test to enter, it’s reassuring to see so many of you were comfortable with taking a test prior to travel. However, we completely understand those of you that feel unsure about this requirement! Our team has traveled extensively during the pandemic and can walk you through the process so you know what to expect. Alternatively, we can help you find a great vacation destination here in the United States without testing requirements.

Thank you for taking our survey!

So, were our travel survey results what you expected to see? While some results met our expectations, others were a welcome surprise! Regardless of how you answered, we look forward to helping you explore the world whenever you feel comfortable again. Interested in getting started? Contact our Houston travel agency today!

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