Daria Westerfield


My entire career of over 25 years has been in the travel industry - utlimately focusing on luxury itinerary planning and execution for both individual and corporate clients. Experience has taught me how to carefully listen with discernment to each and every client, and this allowed me to perform specific, targeted research and execute the details with excellence. Now as co-owner of the agency, I instill all of my learned luxury travel best practices to our team by constantly elevating our appraoch to concierge service, ensuring the same client care and attention that I’d like to receive for my own travel. Leave the planning to us - and rest easy.

Cristina Buaas


After graduating with a BA from Vanderbilt University, I began my professional career as a loan officer in the commercial banking business followed by seven years as a regional property supervisor for a real estate development and management firm. However, world travel has been a passion of mine since my youth. Informally planning vacations for family and friends for more than a decade led me to found CSB Travel, LLC in 2008, thus turning my passion for travel into my full time career. Now, as co-owner of River Oaks Travel, I am excited to build on the foundations established from my prevous experiences, and continue to pioneer luxury travel for our clients.


Samantha Collum

Sr. Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: New Zealand, Australia, Europe, French Polynesia, US
Interests: Adventure, Honeymoons, Food & Wine, Ocean & River Cruising

I believe that every trip is literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I strive to ensure that your vacations are enriching and unforgettable. Growing up in a highly mobile Navy family, I quickly realized travel is the only way we can find and understand our place in the world, to transform the exotic into the familiar. With a background in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University, I pair my love of travel with a detail-oriented and scientific approach to carefully design and coordinate once-in-a-lifetime adventures, honeymoons, and destination weddings, as well as trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Tahiti, New Zealand, Central & South America, and Europe.

Kate Lawless

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South America
Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Food & Wine, Safari, Spa Vacations

I believe that travel truly makes you richer and that spending time in new cultures and with new people can redefine your place in the world. My passion for travel began at a young age. I travel as often as possible, both domestically and internationally, so I am constantly on the lookout for the next adventure, which has helped in building my expertise and knowledge to customize and plan any type of trip, no matter the request.

Stephanie Meckert

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand,US
Interests: Adventure, Family Travel, Safari. Spa Vacations

I have traveled extensively and lived internationally with my entire family, so I understand the importance of vacations that include a variety of multigenerational experiences. Some of my favorite destinations include New Zealand, South Africa and Europe, because the offer extraordinary attractions that fit both the solo and group travel needs. To me is so valuable to have the opportunity I’ve had to experience many different cultures, as it opens out our mind to many possibilities.

Sue Worscheh

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: UK, Ireland, Europe, India

If there's a place you've been dreaming of visiting, my goal is to make it happen for you. I'm excited to talk with you about what makes a great vacation and to craft an unforgettable experience that's custom-built for you. I grew up primarily in the UK but have also lived in Australia, France and Algeria, which developed a passion for experiencing different cultures, places and especially food! After college I worked for British Aerospace which took me repeatedly to the US and Asia and then after getting my MBA at INSEAD in France I joined Merrill Lynch as an investment banker. I bring a strong eye for detail and value while putting my creativity and planning skills to work. Now based in Texas, I've been planning vacations to Europe and beyond for family and friends and I'm looking forward to working with you on your next great memory.


Kristie Beeler

Sr. Luxury Travel Coordinator

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Europe, River Crusing
Interests: Adventure, Culture, History, Arts, Hotels, Festivals & Events

As a Florida State University graduate in Hospitality Management with three years of hotel operations and management experience, I strive to continuously expand my knowledge of the travel industry as I pursue my passion to help people enjoy new experiences around the world. As a missionary kid born in the Philippines, I grew up surrounded by diversity and was always fascinated with different customs and traditions. As a result, I understand the importance of broadening your world view and exploring other cultures.Growing up in Orlando, FL gave me an appreciation for beautiful beaches and the magic of Disney. Through creativity and attention to detail, it is my honor to ensure our clients have an enriching, comfortable, and unforgettable experience

Our Team of Independent Travel Advisors

Marla Archer

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Carribean Islands, Europe, Latin America, US
Interests: Ocean & River Crusing, Beach & Sun, Group Travel

I am originally from Southern California and began my travel career when I became thegroup travel agent for my husband's dance cruises. I have been the agent of record for these group travels since 2003, and have been responsible for 43 group trips and over 2,600 guests. In addition to group travel, I have helped many individuals make their travel dreams come true--whether it be cruising or destination travel.

Andrew Butler

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: The Woodlands, TX
Specialty: Africa, Europe, New Zealand, South America
Interests: Adventure, Culture, History & Arts, Familly Travel

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. Travel has been a passion of mine throughout my youth and as I grew up, and once in practice I began to see the importance of travel as dedicated time with my family and had the means to be able to travel well. I have always been a detail person, and my penchant for building and tailoring travel itineraries for my family as well as other family members and friends became a passion.I have been lucky over the past year in my practice to have the time to turn my passion into a career, and am now proud to be a Professional Travel Advisor.

Nanci Cain

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Europe, Latin America, US
Interests: Adventure, Family Travel, Food & Wine, Honeymoon, Spa Vacations

I have always had a strong desire for studying and experiencing different cultures and destinations around the world. This passion was cultivated by my family hosting many international students during my childhood. Now as a mother myself of four children, I understand the value of encouraging my own family to discover the unique peoples and customs of this world and all the hidden adventures that await them. It is a true gift to now have a career working in a profession in which I can enrich the unique experiences of various cultures and destinations to my clients.

Laura Carlson

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Australia, Canada, Europe, US
Interests: Beach & Sun, Food & Wine, Honeymoons, Ocean and River Cruising

I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Wales, Bangor (UK) and began my career as a geologist on survey vessels traveling to Africa and Australia. After spending most of my life in the UK, I moved to the USA in 2009 and worked as a geohazard specialist. My passion for travel ultimately led me to change careers and focus on travel full-time. What I love most about travel is discovering new destinations, adventures and exploring natures spectacular landscapes. It is my goal to deliver amazing experiences to each and every client whether on a long weekend getaway or a bucket list adventure to the other side of the globe.

Susan Lindstrom

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: San Antonio, TX
Specialty: Germany, Jamaica, Mexico
Interests: Family Travel, Ocean and River Cruising, Escorted Tours

After graduating from Southwestern University as a certified math teacher, I became the Student Activities Director at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. I was in charge of planning, booking and taking the students on weekend day trips, as well as trips during spring break to Disney and skiing. This experience working with youth groups lead me to my career as a travel agent. I have over 10 years of industry experience, specializing in Disney vacations, cruises, land tours and ski vacations.

Lisa McKay

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: The Villages, FL
Specialty: Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand
Interests: Ocean and River Cruising, Independent Tours, Safari

At the age of 15, after spending time as a foreign exchange student in Brazil, I knew I was born to travel! My education at Colorado Women’s College consisted of studying two languages, then three as well as history, geography and any class I could take that involved learning more about our world. After spending time in the corporate world for 14 years, I took the leap to follow my passion and haven’t looked back since!

Maddy Moffitt

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Australia, Europe, New Zealand
Interests: Adventure, Destination Wedding, Honeymoons

As a former sports broadcast journalist, I developed a passion for sports and have traveled to many destinations to see a broad array of sport venues. Since college, I have studied abroad in London, and been to many of the beautiful destinations such as Scotland, Ireland, Thailand, Australia/New Zealand, Italy, Bora Bora, Argentina and many more of the great places travel can introduce us to. I know the importance of an organized itinerary that meets the needs of each individual traveler. I am here to customize trips and help bring to life the full experience you are looking for within your travels.

Kathryn Rollins

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: New York City, NY
Experience: 5 years
Specialty: Carribean, Europe, Latin America
Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Food & Wine, Honeymoons

From a young age, I traveled extensively with my parents and came to appreciate the knowledge and wisdom gained from the unfamiliar. Now I am eager to help others realize their personal travel dreams and the value of stepping outside to explore the wonders of the world. My goal is to create custom itineraries for each type of traveler and memories that will last a lifetime. I am here to make your travels seamless by providing consistent dedication to clients, outstanding customer service as well as attention to detail.

Julie Roznovsky

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America
Interests: Adventure, Food & Wine, Honeymoons, Safari

My love for travel has taken me to more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Some of my most memorable experiences include shark diving in South Africa, paragliding in Nepal, deep sea fishing in Hawaii, and going on Safari in Kenya. I have a keen eye for specialty travel, and love to create itineraries for cities I have visited, because I can then really customize your experience with first-hand knowledge. Some of my favorite travel destinations include Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, and Argentina, just to mention a few of the many places that offer great travel experiences that totally fulfill your expectations.

Laura Woo

Luxury Travel Advisor

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Asia, Hawaii, Europe

I’m originally from Hong Kong and fully bilingual in English and Chinese. I moved to Houston in 1970 and started my travel career more than 30 years ago. During my certification as a Certified Travel Counselor, I achieved the highest score in the entire nation and won the Bette Sweeney Friedheim Travel Award in 1990, followed by travel consultant roles in Thomas Cook and American Express corporate travel division. “Pursuit of excellence” is always my top priority when planning travel, which has awarded me recognition by Travel + Leisure as A-List of the World’s Top Travel Advisors for 13 consecutive years.