Sustainable Corporate Travel: going beyond green

With destination retreats and board meetings resuming in person, requests for our Sustainable Corporate Travel Concierge program have surged. This increased demand reflects the overall concept that post-COVID resumption of travel is the perfect time to incorporate long-term sustainable corporate travel goals. Our Sustainable Corporate Travel Concierges have already seen success with several small and mid-sized companies in customizing meetings while creating net-zero emissions and supporting eco-conscious properties.

As our Sustainable Corporate Travel Program expands, we have been looking for ways to create a more robust offering to our clients. Research shows that incentive travel and destination meetings are fundamental corporate culture builders, so designing sustainable trips sets an example for employees that sustainability is a commitment for your company, not just lip service. However, if concern for the environment is the only example you set, your company is missing an important opportunity. True commitment to sustainability follows ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, so alignment of travel arrangements to all three pillars provides a more comprehensive approach to corporate sustainability. So while eco-friendly practices should always be incorporated, our travel agency believes it is important to also consider social and governance criteria in your meeting plans.


Announcing our partnership with AlignESG

River Oaks Travel can include sustainable social and governance opportunities when traveling, but we are excited to announce an additional service to our corporate clients: ESG workshops through an exclusive partnership with AlignESG. AlignESG will provide snapshots and workshops for your executive retreat or board meeting, and these sessions can be provided seamlessly through your Sustainable Corporate Concierge.

Besides adding ESG education to your retreat, AlignESG offers your company opportunities to identify existing ESG synergies and gaps, and generate actions to attain the level of sustainability ideal for your company. Our partnership is the first of its kind in the luxury corporate sustainable travel scope, and we are very excited to provide a more robust approach to ESG in our corporate travel arrangements.


Incorporate ESG Workshops

We believe that infusing ESG education on a trip can help move the needle of sustainable corporate evolution, and now our executive and board retreats can include sessions on sustainability and ESG (environment, social, governance). Thirty Minute Snapshots can provide your team with a general overview of a particular subject of interest. One Hour Workshops provide an interactive session that can be customized specifically for your company.

Any sustainability or ESG topic can be covered. Some of the most popular include:

  • Understanding ESG from a Corporate Perspective
  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Disclosure Materiality
  • Standards and Frameworks Overview

We are excited to be able to offer this unique service to our corporate clients, and look forward to further expanding our Sustainable Corporate Travel Concierge program to be one of the most robust in the industry. 

Looking for more information on Sustainable Corporate Travel? 

Our Sustainable Corporate Travel Concierge program is designed to handle planning for your next meeting, corporate retreat, or incentive in a sustainable manner. Let a concierge plan your carbon-neutral event.

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