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Discerning spa aficionados should reach out to a River Oaks Travel Agency to start planning a trip to Montenegro. The world-famous Chenot Espace has arrived at Montenegro’s shores, finding its perfect home in the surroundings of One&Only Portonovi. Combining Chinese medicine and Western technology, Chenot Espace takes an innovative approach to wellness with life-changing detoxifying programs and ‘next-generation technology’ in skincare.

Advanced diagnostic tests pioneered by Chenot allow guests to understand what is aging their bodies and set new pathways to improve performance and wellbeing. Following this initial consultation stage, guests will receive a personalized program involving nutritional recommendations, detox menus, fitness schedules, targeted spa treatments, stress-relieving activities. Chenot Espace programs stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, trigger repairing, regenerative actions, and increase energy levels and vitality. What’s more, you’ll be equipped with a wealth of knowledge so you can lead a healthier, more mindful existence when you return home.



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Guests will start their wellness journey with a series of diagnostic tests designed to understand their individual needs, which will lead to the creation of an effective, personal program. The holistic diagnostics will assess an essential array of physiological parameters, known as Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, that determine the impact of lifestyle on the vitality status and aging process. Biomarkers® range from vascular age (arterial stiffness assessment), intoxication (minerals and heavy metals analysis), and skin collagen thickness (ultrasound assessment) to body composition analysis, emotional stress (HRV analysis), and endurance performance (cardiorespiratory fitness assessment).

Tailored Programs

Each Chenot Program will create a sophisticated set of personal treatments and culinary plans for each individual following the diagnostics tests.

These programs will work in synergy, stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, activate energy channels, and rebalance the body’s physiology.

Guests can select individual treatments or engage in shorter experiences seamlessly incorporated into their overall holiday or choose to take a fully immersive one-week program.

The iconic and transformative one-week Advanced Detox program induces a deep purification and detoxification of the body and is a pillar of Chenot’s pioneering philosophy. The tailored program includes advanced diagnostic tests with Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, medical and nutritional consultations, a plant-based nutritional plan, and targeted energetic massage, bio-energetic, hydro-aromatherapy, Phyto-mud hydro-jet treatments. Following the Advanced Detox, there is the follow-up Fundamental Detox, a one-week program that can be taken within six months to maintain the effect.

For guests looking to combine wellness and relaxation, there is a range of programs. 

De-Stress and Recharge
  • Four days/five nights
  • Restores inner balance and the body’s natural rhythms
  • Three Days
  • Ideal as a regular cleanse undertaken several times a year
Weekend Spa Deluxe
  • Two days
  • Includes several massages and aromatherapy treatments
Fitness Program
  • Three days
  • Strengthens the body and helps clients learn how to reach their fitness performance potential


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Chenot Espace Treatments

Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi covers an expanse of 4,000 m2 and features state-of-the-art facilities and 28 treatment rooms. Expert practitioners curate an array of targeted treatments from neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, acupuncture, and ozone therapy to intravenous nutrient therapy and hydro-colon treatments.

Diagnostics and treatments fall under six different departments:

  1. Medical
  2. Human Performance
  3. Medical Aesthetic
  4. Aesthetic
  5. Hydrotherapy
  6. Sport & Fitness

Guests can choose from various effective aesthetic treatments to help restore natural beauty, from cellulite and dedicated eye treatments to purifying detox facials.

Chenot Espace features hydrotherapy and cryotherapy facilities, sauna, steam room, indoor pool, and relaxation areas, ensuring guests leave feeling recharged.

In addition, the year-round destination resort also offers an Oriental Hamman, a hair salon, and the men’s grooming salon, Barber & Blade by One&Only. Some of the guest rooms and suites are located directly above the spa, providing privacy and easy access for those taking part in more intensive or more extended treatment programs.

One and Only Portonovi Bar

Culinary Choices

Nutrition is an essential pillar in the Chenot Method, and guests at One&Only Portonovi will be able to follow a personalized diet plan, carefully designed to work in connection with their wellbeing programs. The Detox Diet, performed under medical guidance, is a low-calorie, anti-aging plan devised to stimulate metabolic efficiency and promote cleaning and repairing mechanisms.

Additional clean eating options are available outside the spa at the One&Only Portonovi’s restaurants: La Veranda, Sabia, and Tapasake Club.

Chenot Espace Highlights:

• 4,000 square meters with state-of-the-art facilities

• A range of spa treatments from traditional massages and facials to multi-day wellness programs

• Tailored programs using advanced diagnostics to improve health and wellbeing

• Location inside the beautiful One&Only Portonovi resort

With Our Compliments:

River Oaks Travel clients staying at the One&Only Portonovi receive a $100 USD equivalent Resort/Hotel credit which can be used at Chenot Espace

Getting There:

Flights from New York  (EWR and JFK))  to Dubrovnik  (DBV)

Portonovi is an easy drive from Dubrovnik (one hour), Tivat (50 minutes), and Podgorica (two and a half hours) airports, all served by a variety of airlines, and well equipped to handle private jets.


Spa Program Lengths:

3 – 5 days

When to go:

A year-round destination with a Mediterranean climate and peak season from June to September



Combine with:





What makes One&Only Portonovi special?


The finest resort on the Adriatic

A one of a kind location

The new Riviera in the making 

The marina & village

Privacy and ultimate seclusion

Riviera style dining

Private white sand beach

Poolside living

Chenot Espace

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